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Investing in Zim’s Entrepreneurial Skills

Investing in Zimbabwe’s Entrepreneurial Skills

Safety comes first in everything we do and because of that we go through each day with the reassurance that someone’s life or business is changing for the better.

Our investment to the communities we serve is through creating opportunities that give business enterprises a chance to grow and make a difference in the economy. Through our local enterprise development initiative, we have helped men and women realise their dreams and succeed through clothing, making bricks and nuts and bolts.

Telstone Trading Success Story

Mrs Dube in Kadoma runs Telstone Trading with her daughter, a company specialising in safety clothing in Kadoma. She started with 10 employees and 4 sewing machines, today she supplies all safety wear for Zimplats and industries all over Zimbabwe.

Rural Women enterprise development

Through the local enterprise development initiative women in our rural communities have benefitted a lot. We helped and equipped them through setting up business systems, computer training and buying machinery to enable them to start making bricks. Currently they manufacture bricks for Zimplats and other companies.

Adding value to the supply chain through metalwork

Local enterprises in Norton have benefitted immensely from our initiative. Through support in skills development, financial aid and business development the production and sales of nuts and bolts has grown successfully. Today, local enterprises are selling nuts and bolts to us and other organisations whilst playing a meaningful role in supply chain.

At Zimplats we invest in people and at the end of each day our main goal is to ensure that everyone above the surface and underground goes home safely to their families.

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  1. Roshylucky

    What a great desire, I really appreciate the benefit that you brought about to locals. surely Zimplats you are a star.

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