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Head Office
Selous Metallurgical
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About Us

Committed to Sustainability for Future Generations

Our Focus

Zimplats’ business is production of platinum group and associated metals from the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe. Our vision is to be the safety and cost leader in the platinum sector with sustainable growth in production, whilst generating superior returns, for the benefit of all our stakeholders.
We will achieve our mission and vision through purposeful and focused attention to the:

  • Extraction of mineral resources in a socially and environmentally friendly manner
  • Safety and Health of our employees and visitors at the workplace
  • Achievement of production targets through the effective and efficient utilization of all resources at our disposal
  • Establishment of effective systems and processes throughout the value chain to achieve cost and technological leadership in the industry
  • Capability development, recognition and appropriate reward of our human resources
  • Aggressive implementation of projects to achieve organic growth targets on budgets

Zimplats Story

From the deepest quarry to the international trading rooms, we search and offer to the world a piece of Zimbabwe’s heart. Our business is focused on the extraction and marketing of platinum and platnimun group of metals. But this is not our cause. We are inspired by a Great Zimbabwean civilisation that constructed monolithic structures in the ancient of days which still stand today in Masvingo.

From our ancestors, this story continues and we are playing our part by using our natural resources to build the greatest Zimbabwe yet.

The Zimplats story is the Zimbabwean story.

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CEO’s Report FY17

One of the key challenges of sustainable development is that it demands new and innovative choices and ways of thinking. As part of our commitment to conducting business in a sustainable manner, we embrace this challenge and continuously examine the way in which we do business and the impact that we have on our stakeholders and the environment.

  • A 63% reduction in the number of lost time injuries (LTIs) from eight in FY2016 to three in FY2017
  • Run-of-mine (ROM) ore production increased by 6% from 6.6 million tonnes to a record 7 million tonnes
  • Platinum in converter matte produced and in concentrate sold decreased by 3% from 290 410 ounces in the previous period to 281 069 ounces