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A campaign to support and raise awareness on the plight of people with albinism dubbed “Beyond this Skin” is expanding into Binga District where Zimplats plans to donate sunscreen lotions and hats raised from a Hat raiser event held at Arundel village in Harare on Saturday 9 March 2018.
Buoyed by their success in Harare, Zimplats Head of Corporate Affairs, Busi Chindove said they will be going to rural areas to donate hats and sunscreen lotions to people living with albinism.
“After the successful campaigns we have had we will be going rural now and our next campaign will be in Binga, Matebeleland North. We are going to do a road show to raise awareness and distribute what we have collected today.
“When we finish the campaign in Binga, we will be going to Mashonaland West and will do the same at a rural center,” said Chindove.
“We started this hat raiser and the idea about it is to involve members of the community to come and bring hats because when one has albinism, one of the biggest challenges is protection from the sun. In that regard you need hats, sunscreen lotions and spectacles/ sunglasses because albinism can affect eyesight.
“So what we are trying to do is find ways we can collect all those three things in terms of sun protection and we are involving the public today to ensure that we spread the word and the response has been fantastic,” added Chindove. We are so grateful to members of the public for their generosity and the manner in which they have embraced the campaign.

Friends with Albinism committee member, Nesbert Mudzviti was upbeat about the success of their campaign which he said has since gone international.
“The awareness has now gone international, people are talking about albinism in South Africa and everywhere. People are even learning best practices on how to market the idea, we have done something that not many people have achieved within a short space of time.
“We are even getting more people interested in join the Friends With Albinism campaign, challenges are there but at least we are doing something,” said Mujiti.
Spearheaded by Zimplats, Beyond this Skin campaign began in October 2017 to raise awareness on the plight of people with albinism.
According to Zimplats, the actual impact on people with albinism will continue with the hope of attracting other corporate members to join the movement.

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