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by the three concentrators
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10 Million Fatality Free Shifts

Integrated Annual Report FY18


6.5 million Tonnes Milled FY18

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The Group managed to complete yet another year without a fatality. As at 30 June 2018, the Group had accumulated 10 million fatality-free shifts. The Group achieved a record LTIFR of 0.45 during the year compared to 0.21 achieved in the previous year. In terms of Stay in Business Projects, a total of US$131 million was spent on projects during the year, 121% higher than the US$59.3 million spent in the prior year. Mupani Mine is one of the Stay in Business Projects and it is earmarked to replace Rukodzi and Ngwarati mines, which deplete in FY2022 and FY2025 respectively. The Mupani Mine Development Project remains ahead of schedule. A total of US$28.7 million was spent on this project during the year bringing the project expenditure as at 30 June 2018 to US$37.8 million. The mine is scheduled to reach full production of 2.2Mtpa in August 2025 at an estimated total project cost of US$264 million.



Safety & Health Approach

Through behaviour based initiatives and adoption of proven technology, we are reducing the exposure of employees to a hazardous work environment.



Great effort is put into resource conservation, waste management, recycling and improving water and energy efficiencies.


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We are committed to achieving zero harm, improving the livelihoods and health of our communities, our workforce and their dependents.